ViewIt - New Idea of date/time-viewing

To HexCat / ViewIt

I am going to try and to order ViewIt!

I have a Mac mini (2012) (i5 2,5 GHz) with OS 10.9.5 (Swedish)

But I want to see date and exactly time (seconds if possible) of each photo,

but I can not at all,

neither creating- or change-times,

neither above in window or in the separate small window.

=>=> Is it possible to see date/time/(seconds)? (In the upper line?) (creating time)

New idea from me:

=>=> Is it possible / may you develope a program that

automatically can change the file names to (for example)




= photo taken date 2015 May 19th at 13h 27m 40s (local time)


a) for separate photo/files in a map

b) when making webpages of photos / photo galleries ...

and maybe also automatically for all put in main place/event (for example)




The seconds are important to separate pictures taken in the same minute,

and for athletic competitions etc.

(( Now I manually put in date/time/place/motive in each file, that takes time,

like my latest galleries: ))

   (Stockholm / "Traditional Music/Dancing House") =>

   (SE Stockholm, Orientering Championship) =>

Your program ViewIt seems to be very good,

much better than programs in Mac like iPhoto!

Best Regards

Mats Lundblad, Stockholm, Sweden  (( Homepage: ))

Falks väg 23, S-18254 Djursholm, Sweden

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